Wednesday, 14 August 2013

10 Frames...

Reflection Day 2

We are given 3 papers and was told to fold it in 10's. Well, that was easy. Then came the interesting part. Dr Yeap told us that we are creating 10 frames.

Wait! I never heard of that.
Yes, I agree with Dr. Yeap that it is a must to have this material in our classroom but I did not know that it is called 10 frames until today. New knowledge gained indeed again.

We are all given beans and told to place 5,6,7 on each respective 10 frames. This is actually a lesson on addition but Dr. Yeap has make it so interesting that it actually clashes with the old ways on how I learn to add.

This activity amazed me as it is more hands-on and concrete for children to explore and understand the concept. Children are also able to visualize and conserve numbers. This also helps them in their ability to place numbers.

One of my classmates actually shared a challenge that she faces with her student. Child is able to add but when it comes to breaking down the problem, she is not able to.

I agree that a child has to be given opportunities to explore and given the opportunity to use concrete materials to help them with counting and understand number bond concept.

Through this activity, I feel that it is good as it helps children with the ability to understand one to one correspondence and to be able to cultivate face values.

I will definitely share this new knowledge with colleagues and it is true that all children has to go through the CPA approach in order to be able to understand Math problems.

Way to go Dr.Yeap. Thanks for sharing!

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