Monday, 19 August 2013

Fun Math Lesson!

Lesson started with the reviews from previous topic which is Fractions.

Well, fractions are tricky. It involves with division, multiplication, addition as well as subtraction.
I was still confused after yesterday's quiz whereby we are required to do an equation 3/4 divide by 1/8.
As usual, I used the methods taught by my teacher but I was amazed on how Dr Yeap can derived to the solution by just using diagrams and pictorials.
I feel that this is technique for young children to understand fractions.

I totally love the coloured tiles and the challenged to create figures using about 3-5 tiles. With the constraint given whereby the tiles must fully touched one another, it is actually quite challenging. I would love to do this with the children in class as it will help them with their visualization skills.

After today's lesson, as I reflected, another good way to teach young children the concept of fraction is through cookery lesson like baking a pizza.

Afterall, children learn best through play  and children needs lots of fun.
And Math can be fun too!

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