Friday, 9 August 2013

Elementary Mathematics

Chapter 1

After reading the book “Elementary and Middle School Mathematics", it made me look at learning Mathematics from the positive point of view. Honestly throughout my life, I have never liked learning Math and I know lots of other people who do not like it either but after I became an educator in Early Childhood, I just couldn't run away from it.


Personally I love on how the NTCM has given guidance and direction for teachers to teach Math to children. The six principles are helpful. I feel that teachers have to understand Math before they are able to deliver it effectively and assessment is essential so as to be able to see the developments of different children according and able to alter their teaching methods to suit the different learning needs of the children.

Chapter 2

The book has also given me a wonderful insight which helps me recall on my experience during my teaching days. Being a good teacher who is able to deliver Math effectively, not only one needs to have the knowledge, teacher has to be able to create a classroom experience for children to be able to do Math effectively.


From my experience, classroom environment plays an important role because children learn to interact, discuss and share knowledge with peers. Not only that, they will learn to be problem solver and risk takers which will help them in building up their self-esteem as well as their confidence to succeed in Mathematics


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