Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dice Problem!

Reflection Day 3 (14/8/2013)

This activity really brightens my mood to learn Math today. It is amazing on how I can actually get the total of the hidden numbers of the inner part of the dice that is hidden.

This has to be the most interesting part of the lesson that I will surely share it with my other buddy educators.

Not only that. I learnt a new Math vocabulary today. The word is subitize which means to be able to tell a number without counting. And it surprises me even more that mere mortals like us can only subitize at the average of 10 or even lesser.

Again, he mentioned on the word scaffolding. Educators scaffold children's learning and especially in this case, give opportunities to get children to be able to learn to subitize.

Conclusion to this, children needs to go through the CPA approach and a lot of concrete materials and opportunities to be given to them to explore and gain new knowledge on Math.

I wonder what will I be learning tomorrow...
Simply could not wait!

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